Size chart

How to be sure to choose the fitted size ?

Since the human body is not absolutely symmetrical, the fingers of the left and right hand often differ. Therefore, you should already know beforehand, which exact finger the ring is to be worn on later

If you haven't a well-fitting ring, you will have to resort to a few little tricks. The measurement method using a string or dental floss is popular. Find some string that is at least the length of a palm. Tie it around the root of the selected finger and make a knot around it. The string should be as close to the finger as the ring will be. Not too loose, but not too tight either. The knotted loop must also be able to be pushed over the joints of the finger. Cut the loop close to the knot and use a ruler to measure the length of the loop in millimeters or inches according to your habits.

If you already have a well-fitting ring, the ring size is easier to determine. Cut a small strip of paper. Roll it in length and place it in the ring opening. The paper strip should cover the entire inner circumference. Use a sharp pencil to mark the point where the strip overlaps. Now remove the paper strip to measure the length of the strip to the mark with a ruler.

Alternatively, the ring diameter can be used to determine the ring size. Using a ruler, measure the widest part of the ring from one inner edge to the opposite inner edge. Now you only have to determine the circumference with a small calculation task. Multiply the diameter in millimeters with Pi 3.14 (diameter * 3.14 = circumference).

The WildSabbath Team.