Who are the WildSabbath?

We are currently a team of 4 passionate people inspired by the two wheeler and Rock ‘n’ Roll culture. 

During a moment, while sharing with friends, we discussed the latest findings we had made.

It was at that very moment that we made a discovery. 

It was actually very difficult to find quality accessories at an affordable price. Either we wasted money on disposable items that tarnished and oxidized after two weeks or the quality products were very expensive and not accessible. 

Our mission is to create products that please our community, with the best quality and at a reasonable price. Certain passions can sometimes be expensive, with this project we want to make our work accessible to the greatest number of people. 

That's why we work with the best craftsmen around the world to create custom collections that are right for you.  We assist and advise craftsmen in the designing of new models.

These craftsmen like to work with quality materials. They shape the products in leather, stainless steel and silver. We take inspiration from different cultures to create the most originals collections that will allow our customers to stand out from others by affirming their rebel and Rock ‘n’ Roll side.

So, join the band right now!

So, join the band right now.

The WildSabbath team.